Snack & Sling: Hybrid Fanny Packs for Everyday Use

Created by Lunchbox

Easy-to-use, versatile, everyday carry packs built to hold your essentials, no matter the activity.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Production About to Complete + Container Ship Delay + BackerKit Addresses
21 days ago – Fri, Mar 26, 2021 at 11:20:28 AM

Hello backers of the lunchbox Snack & Sling kickstarter campaign!   

In just four short days, we'll be completing production of all Snack and Sling packs on our factory line! It's a significant milestone for us - the first time that we've completed a round of products to supplement our lunchbox hydration pack & expanded our brand to capture a full range of lifestyles.

You could say we're pretty excited!  

 NOTICE: Product Shipping Delay

We also want to provide an update on expected shipping dates for the Snack & Sling packages to all backers globally. 

We are expecting to report a delay of initial shipments of Snack & Sling by 20-30 days in response to global shipping delays. Our new estimate for a ship date has moved from the first week of May to the very end of the month, which puts product in the hands of our USA customers by mid-June and for international customers by end-of-June.

WHY: While our production estimates have been on-time, global shipping timing & customs processing has recently increased significantly due to increased volume of global packages in response to the at-home nature of the pandemic. As such, our usual 35-40 day sea-shipping route from our factory in Vietnam and though Port of LA customs has been affected by delays. Ships are facing an extra 2-3 weeks in port just to offload cargo, and U.S. customs is taking 2-3 weeks (up from 5 days) to approve shipments due to large volume.

OUR COMMITMENT: We are 100% committed to getting you your Snack or Sling Pack as fast as we can. We'll be able to begin shipping as soon as your products arrive in our warehouse, and we are doing whatever possible to expedite delivery. You will be getting your Snack & Sling shortly, and we appreciate your patience & understanding in that the times we live in are highly irregular.

If you'd like to read more on the issue, the NYTIMES article here describes it in full detail.

 NOTICE: BackerKit Addresses

In the second week of April, we'll be messaging you to LOCK YOUR ADDRESS in BackerKit to confirm where we're shipping your Snack & Sling to! If you haven't updated your address so far, no worries, it's not time yet! We will confirm final shipping address with you to confirm correct recipient. 

Thank you for your stewardship & trust - we won't let you down.

-The lunchbox team

Lunchbox Fam, It's Your Last Day (to complete the Snack&Sling survey)!
about 2 months ago – Mon, Feb 15, 2021 at 02:31:32 PM

Hello lunchbox fam! 

Happy February - the beginning of Spring is just around the corner. Now, today is February 15th! For those of us in the United States & across the world, you may be wondering "why are they making me look at a calendar the day AFTER Valentine's Day?" Well, first off,  because it's the best holiday to buy your snack a Snack Pack...But even more importantly: 


Woah, that's a lot of caps. What does this actually mean?

At midnight tonight, the Backer Rewards will LOCK for all tiers, which means that we will no longer be taking additional backer requests for different strap colors & sizes if you haven't filled out your form. Don't worry, we have extra straps ordered so everyone will have straps for their Snack & Sling, but after this date you will not be able to choose Size & Color.

Can I get another Snack or Sling Pack for a friend?

YES! You'll be able to add these items as 'add-ons' in BackerKit at pre-order prices. 

What happens if I forget to fill this out after this date? Will I still get my pledge? 

Absolutely! We have ordered extra Black - Small and Black - Large straps in case you didn't fill out the form. 

Can I still change my shipping address after this date?

YES! You'll be able to update your shipping address until April 1st! 

Thank you for keeping up with the campaign, and we can't wait to see all the many places you take your Snack & Sling in the (hopefully vaccinated) world! 

All the best,

The lunchbox team 

Snack&Sling - BackerKit Deadlines + Team Update!
3 months ago – Fri, Jan 29, 2021 at 01:11:09 PM

Staying powered on the go with the Sling Pack

Hello lunchbox fam! 

As we get ready to enter our last full month of Winter, we wanted to check in on key project timelines & deadlines! 

 Timeline Check

After double-checking material lists / availability with our production partners, we are confirming that we are on schedule to honor campaign timelines. The first run of Snack & Sling will be finishing production on March 31st, 2021, and put on a container to Los Angeles in the first week of April. We should have product in hand in early May, at which point we will begin fulfillment of all pledges! 

Complete Your Pledges

At the beginning of January, we sent out your links to BackerKit, where we are capturing all the information we need to fulfill your campaign pledges.

There are just over TWO WEEKS LEFT before orders are locked and our strap quantity purchase orders are in! Please ensure that you complete your pledge (check the email that you backed the kickstarter with) so you get exactly what you'd like from the campaign! 

Don't worry if you don't have a final shipping address for whatever reason, you'll be able to change that up until April! 

Thanks for backing the campaign! 

If you have any questions or concerns, please email our customer success team at We love hearing from you, it makes our day! 

All the best,

the lunchbox team 

BackerKit Surveys: Going Out Today for All Tiers!
3 months ago – Wed, Jan 06, 2021 at 04:42:42 PM

Hello lunchbox fam! 

We're pleased to announce that our BackerKit surveys should be arriving in your inboxes TODAY! Keep an eye out in your email inbox to complete your pledge information!

What's BackerKit?

BackerKit is a service that helps collect all of your pledge information, addresses, and everything else the campaign might need to fulfill your pledge. We have previously used BackerKit before to fully fulfill our last campaign for the lunchbox hydration pack, and plan to use it again! If you're interested in reading more about the platform, please click HERE

You'll be able to choose your final strap sizes, your alternate strap color, and confirm your pledge address so we have all the information that we need to fulfill production! 


Please Note: BackerKit Responses will be closing on FEBRUARY 15th, 2021 so we can get accurate counts for final strap sizes & colors to deliver for each and every one of our backers! We'll be periodically reminding everyone to complete their surveys, but make sure you at least have your survey responses recorded so we have your information ahead of our Strap Order! 

Thanks for your support,

The lunchbox fam

A FULLY FUNDED Campaign, The Roaring 20s, and a Grateful Team
3 months ago – Mon, Jan 04, 2021 at 07:30:24 PM

To our Kickstarter community (& new / old lunchbox fam),

To kick things off, HAPPY NEW YEAR! As we turn our collective backs on 2020, we hope your path forwards is filled with optimism. Historically, the period after a pandemic is a time fueled by adventure and excitement.

We specifically released the Snack & Sling Packs to coincide with the Spring / Summer adventures of 2021, and can’t wait to see where everyone takes their new packs.

Which brings us to our second point….

THANK YOU FOR FUNDING US, KICKSTARTER! With over $40,000 raised, we’re excited to lock in our plans to make the Snack & Sling packs a reality for so many of you. When we first set out, we wanted to build a series of packs that compressed all of the best features of the original lunchbox hydration pack …. and ended up building something even better along the way.

In one small package, you’ve got security, versatility, and aesthetic all in one. Well chosen!

Immediately following the close of the campaign, we confirmed our FIRST PURCHASE ORDER with our factory in Vietnam for the Snack & Sling Packs. We’ve used this factory for 2+ years now, and they are our trusted manufacturer for our main product, the lunchbox. We have already ordered all of the materials to fulfill your pledges, and will be entering line-production in January & February. In March, we’ll be completing final quality control checks (need to make sure every pack is PERFECT) before getting everything on a container to the United States in early April. We’re on track to deliver domestic Snack & Sling Packs in mid-May.

Did you think we were done? We’ve also been making small improvements to the pack as we finished up the campaign, including a piece of hardware improvement on the straps, which makes it even easier to adjust from different angles & prevents excess strap dangling (one of our TOP annoyances with other fanny packs / hip packs). We also slightly expanded the width of the phone pocket on BOTH the Snack & Sling (without changing pack dimensions) to future proof the pocket against larger phones. 

At the end of the day, we’re working on delivering the best product possible to our early backers who made this project possible in the first place. Without you, we’re a team with an idea, much less a product.

Thank you for supporting our dream,

The lunchbox team

P.S. Does a friend want a Snack / Sling Pack but not sure where to get one now that the Kickstarter campaign has ended? Check out our website HERE to purchase the pre-order. They may not be Kickstarter prices, but that’s why our backers get the best deals / bundles first!